Specials 3 months no payment! Purchase 100% online available! Presentation by video. Home test drive and delivery. Learn more.

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Specials 3 months no payment! Purchase 100% online available! Presentation by video. Home test drive and delivery. Learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are prices negotiable?

Transparency being our priority, our pricing policy goes without saying. No more bargaining! You are already getting a reduced price on all our inventory. All the vehicles you see online include a significant discount to offer you a more competitive price on the market while having a remarkable quality standard.

2. How do I know if the vehicle is booked or available? Do I have to contact you?

The availability is indicated on the page of each respective vehicle directly online on the website. A green light indicates that the vehicle is available, yellow indicates that it is booked but the transaction is not completed, so you can reserve the vehicle second. If the transaction with the first buyer fails, you can proceed with the purchase of the vehicle. Otherwise, your reservation deposit will be refunded.

3. How can I know that the vehicle is in good condition? Are they all inspected?

Transparency and the quality of vehicles are our priorities. All our vehicles are quality vehicles. They are all inspected and the necessary mechanical repairs are made before sale. Certified CAP vehicles go through a complete inspection process before being sold and meet the required quality standards. The Certification process has been designed to provide maximum transparency on every vehicle, safety and peace of mind.

4. How can I know the real condition of the vehicle's aesthetics and mechanics?

In order for you to know exactly what you are buying, you need to know the real mechanical and aesthetic condition of a vehicle. For this reason, we provide you with the inspection report with the repairs made, the CARFAX history report and a detailed aesthetic condition report on each of the online vehicles pages. Each apparent aesthetic defects are attached to a photo to allow you to see the defect in question.

5. What happens if I do not like the vehicle after buying it online?

When you buy a vehicle you automatically get a satisfaction guarantee that gives you a period of 5 day exchange privilege. If you do not like your vehicle, you can exchange it within 5 days or 500 kms after delivery.

6. How can I try the vehicle if I buy it online?

After making an online transaction or booking a vehicle, you have the choice to take a test drive in your branch or home. The test of the vehicle may also be done at the time of purchase.

7. What are the fees to pay when buying a vehicle?

The only costs to pay when purchasing are the registration fees for the registration of your vehicle.

8. How do I know if the price of the vehicle is good?

With our pricing policy based on transparency, it is essential for us to offer a remarkable quality / price ratio, and one of the most competitive in the industry. That's why our vehicle prices are generally over $ 1,000 below the market price, for quality vehicles. Plus, we have a team dedicated to checking each price to make sure they all meet this pricing policy.

9. If I have a vehicle to sell or exchange, should you see it? Do I have to move or can I do everything online?

You do not have to move, everything can be done online. First, in building your transaction, you will be able to get an estimated value of your exchange. This value is estimated by the Canadian Black Book valuation firm. It is important to note that this value remains an estimate and may vary up or down depending on the condition of the vehicle, equipment and other factors. One of our valuers will contact you to confirm the price. Note that photos or videos may be required and that the values ​​are conditional on the information of the vehicle transmitted being adequate.

10. Is it safe to apply for finance online?

Yes it's 100% safe. All information is personal and confidential. Complex Auto Plus takes your privacy seriously and does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent.  See our Privacy Policy.

11. What financing options are available?

Several financing options are available to you. The options are all indicated when you build your transaction on the detailed page of a vehicle. We offer the most competitive interest rates on the market. We do business with the majority of auto finance banks. No matter what your situation is, our financial experts are here to advise and help you.

12. Why does Complex Auto Plus offer a 100% online sales and purchase service?

Transparency being our priority, we save you time and money. The process of buying a vehicle should not be difficult and unpleasant. On the contrary, you must love your shopping experience and not just love your new vehicle. That's why we offer you a 100% online process. We give you the control to buy your vehicle and build your own transaction.

13. Is it possible to speak with a seller and come to a branch if I'm not comfortable with online shopping?

Yes of course! Whether by phone or in-store, we have a team to answer your questions and assist you with the purchase of your next vehicle.

14. Is it advantageous to buy a vehicle online?

Buying online saves you time and money. You have the opportunity to avoid unnecessary trips. Many people say that they have experienced unnecessary trips a few times. After finding some interesting vehicles on the internet, people go to see the real aesthetic and mechanical state of the vehicle, which often does not meet the criteria they expect. Buying online helps you avoid this kind of inconvenience and saves time. The process of purchasing a vehicle should not be difficult and unpleasant. Online shopping also allows you to shop, buy and build your own transaction while having access to support as needed.

15. Is it advantageous and safe to buy a vehicle with an insurance claim on a CARFAX?

Buying a vehicle with a major claim whose vehicle structure has been damaged can be risky! Buying a vehicle with a previous insurance claim can be a good deal! Often, we tend to be more cautious than not enough, which usually is very good! On the other hand, we can miss some great opportunities!

To do this, we must take the necessary precautions, and that is what we do. Before selling a vehicle with a previous insurance claim, we make sure that the vehicle meets our quality standards otherwise we do not keep it. A body inspection is done to ensure that repairs have been done according to the insurer's quote.

We also make sure that the repairs made were minor and that nothing is critical to the proper functioning of the vehicle. It is important for us that the quality is the same with or without complaint. When in doubt, the vehicles are not for sale. A vehicle with a major claim whose vehicle structure has been damaged can be risky and therefore not advisable even if the vehicle appears in good condition.

16. How does buying online work? What are the steps to follow?

Everything is done according to save you time and money. We want your shopping experience to be enjoyable. It is for this reason that the steps are simple, transparent and safe.

First, we invite you to create your CAP account by clicking on ''Log in'' in the top right of your screen in order to save vehicles and your financing quotes. You will also be notified if a price changes on the vehicles you have saved.

The creation of an account is not mandatory to view vehicles from our inventory and make your payment quotes but you will be useful to track vehicles and record your quotes. Opening a CAP Account is required to complete your purchase.

Follow the simple steps ...

Step 1: View our vehicles from our inventory with or without a CAP account.

Step 2: Save the vehicles you are interested in your favourites.

Step 3: Review the complete details of each vehicle and view the interior and exterior photos, inspection report, repairs, CARFAX history report and aesthetic condition report with photos of each imperfection. All available online on the detailed page of each vehicle.

Step 4: Customize your payments and evaluate your exchange.

Step 5: Build your own transaction and choose the payment method you want.

Step 6: If you are financing the vehicle, complete and submit your application for funding. All your information remains personal and confidential.

Step 7: Finalize your transaction by booking the vehicle using the secure PayPal system. A refundable $ 300 deposit will be taken from your card. Within 24 hours, we will contact you to confirm your entire transaction and confirm the purchase of your vehicle.

See complete and detailed operation

17. After the purchase, what are the guarantees offered by Complexe Auto Plus?

We offer you a 3 months or 5000 km mechanical warranty on the mechanical repairs carried out which are present on the invoice that we will give you when purchasing your vehicle. We guarantee a good performance of the vehicle depending on the year and the mileage.

You also get a satisfaction guarantee giving you up to 5 days exchange privilege. If you do not like your vehicle, you can exchange it within 5 days or 500 km after purchase.

Several additional guarantees are available in order to have optimal protection. Within 24 hours after your booking or transaction, we will contact you to explain the additional protection offered.

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